Website health video education made easy...

Now you can reach your Patient Education Goals – effectively and strategically.

How do you get a website created for health education when you’re already way too busy?

HealthClips® WebExpress is a fast and easy way to have your HealthClips® library accessible online - on a custom website. Your website comes with a unique web address and can link from your organization’s website.

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How can you get just the videos you need integrated with your related communications?

Customization options enable you to enhance your patients’ experience and engagement. Your site includes your selected video library and your organization’s logo, colors, links, and communications.

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Do you need to offer more inpatient and outpatient education to lower readmission rates?

Give “Video Prescriptions” to patients for viewing throughout their care stages, including discharge and outpatient follow-up. Add a link to your Patient Portal website for easy access from anywhere, on any device.

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  • VA Healthcare Systems

    Registered Nurse
    VA Healthcare System

    "The patients like the three to five-minute videos. They give them a quick synopsis and help for the issues they're facing."

  • Wincchester Medical Center

    Clinical Manager
    Winchester Medical Center

    "The whole library gives us the opportunity to pick the right prescriptive education for patients; that's having the needed information accessible and the right timing of delivery."

  • Birmingham VAMC

    Health Specialist
    Birmingham VAMC

    "I believe that the education that's provided with this product gives the patients the empowerment they need to truly engage with their healthcare team."